Dollar Doodle: Playing Cards

Marc Wade from Lakemoor, IL made a $2 pledge to Brand New Nostalgia‘s Kickstarter campaign for “kaBOOMbox: Volume One” — which earned him a Dollar Doodle. The theme he chose was “Playing Cards”. He left it pretty open for interpretation — so I just ran with it. Enjoy.

Dollar Doodle: “Monkey”

Uncle Randy from Acme Comics in Peoria, Illinois made a $2 pledge to Brand New Nostalgia‘s Kickstarter campaign for “kaBOOMbox: Volume One” — which earned him a Dollar Doodle. He requested either a monkey or an ape — so he got a monkey.  

Dollar Doodle: “The MilliMount In Use”

Randy G from Spatial Studios pledged a dollar to Brand New Nostalgia for their Kickstarter campaign, “kaBOOMbox: Volume One”. In return he requested that his Dollar Doodle be of the MilliMount in use. The MilliMount is a fellow Kickstarter campaign for a multipurpose smartphone accessory. I was really stumped by this one — so I doodledContinue reading “Dollar Doodle: “The MilliMount In Use””